an educated workforce drives our mission.

as a company, we have developed a comprehensive training program that employees on all levels take part in regularly. we firmly believe that you should never become complacent and you can never lose your thirst for knowledge. these two ideals led us to develop our training programs. the direct benefits passed on to our clients translate into superior products and services across the board. here at 2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛时间 we strive to perform at the highest level, everyday. our field level training program is implemented daily with consistent on-site training regarding “the 2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛时间 way”. these ideals and practices are conveyed from our skilled foreman to their dedicated labor counter-parts. we pair this on-site learning with weekly “training meetings” conducted during the mornings encompassing a wide variety of topics. some of the topics include safe practice procedures, operation of equipment, horticultural practices, construction practices, cross training between divisions, along with a few other “2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛时间 secrets” aimed toward unmatched customer service initiatives. each and every one of these learning sessions helps us guarantee that our clients could have no better experience other than a 2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛时间 experience.

continuing education doesn’t stop with our field level employees; it is a company wide initiative. here at 2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛时间 we pride ourselves on being experts in every facet of the industry we are involved with. in order to provide our customers with this expert level of service we pro-actively plan our education schedule to encompass material covering all of our available products and services. top down learning is a company motto, if our management and middle management staff aren’t knowledgeable on all information, how can we guarantee superior quality? all levels within our management structure partake in our training programs annually. some of the continuing education programs our associates partake in throughout the year include reviewing and updating information regarding plant disease/pest management, turf grass management, irrigation, construction, integrated computer software, best business practices, etc. staying on the cutting edge of all industry information and available resources guarantees the 乐鱼下载官网 will provide all of its customers with unmatchable customer value.

our staff has the following education and certifications.

  • on staff 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 architect – asla, pla
  • masters and bachelors in 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 architecture, university of idaho – asla
  • masters of business administration, marist college
  • bachelor of science in 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 design and contracting, pennsylvania state university
  • bachelor of technology in 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 development, suny cobleskill college (3 staff members)
  • bachelor of technology in horticultural management and 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 development, farming state college (1 member)
  • bachelor in architecture, new york institute of technology (1 staff member)
  • a.a.s. 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 development, suny cobleskill college (1 staff member)
  • nys certified pesticide applicator since 1980 and tree and shrub diagnostic specialist (3 staff members)
  • nj certified pesticide applicator (1 staff member)
  • bachelor of science in plant science with major in horticulture, cornell university
  • bachelors in plant science with specialization in 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 design and construction, suny cobleskill college (2 staff members)
  • certified 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 professional (clp) professional landcare network (nalp) (1 staff member)
  • certified 2022足球世界杯比赛时间 technician (clt) professional landcare network (nalp)
  • licensed irrigation contractor (j-3 license), state of connecticut
  • licensed pool and and spa service contractor (sp-1), state of connecticut
  • licensed swimming pool builder (spb) – state of connecticut
  • comprehensive pool studio training classes (5 staff members)
  • icpi certified (4 staff members) interlocking concrete pavers institute certification
  • isa certified arborist
  • nspf – certified pool operator – cpo (4 staff members)
  • apsp – certified service technician – cst (1 staff member)
  • apsp – certified maintenance specialist – cms (4 staff members)
  • apsp – certified building professional – cbp (6 staff members)
  • licensed limited spa and pool journey person (sp-2). state of connecticut (2 staff members)

 company licenses

putnam county – landscaping / grounds / tree removal / seasonal lawn care #pc2024
rockland county home improvement license #h-11916-18-20-26
city of yonkers home improvement contractor #5729
westchester home improvement license #wc-11097-h00
new york pesticide application cat 3a – ornamental and turf #05384
new jersey home improvement contractor #13vh07572800
new jersey business registration #1243323
new jersey pesticide application 3a – turf #91298b
connecticut home improvement contractor #hic.0570242
connecticut plumbing & piping limited contractor (j-3) #plm.0282676-j3
connecticut swimming pool builder (spb) #spb.0000051
connecticut swimming pool and spa service contractor (sp-1) #plm.0287234-sp1
2022足球世界杯比赛时间 – we are safe certified
connecticut department of energy & environmental protection pesticide management program certificate of registration – ornamental & turf b3200
iso 9001 and sn9001 certified
2022足球世界杯比赛时间 architect lar.0001410